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Kap’s ramblings EP3

Pets are a great thing, it is hard to argue about that. Some people see them as a nice addition to the own life, others see them as companions, many see them as full family members (specially dogs and cats).   Along the years i wander on this planet, i had quite some pets. Budgies, […]

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Kap’s ramblings EP2

Occasionally I do get asked how it was for me becoming a dad. How birth was for me, what has changed, how has my daily routine changed and whatnot.   While that is very different for each person, I can not give an general answer on how it will be for everyone but what I […]

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Kap’s ramblings EP1

So since we have a blog and it has not been used yet, I will try a few things. Let’s see what sticks.   Learning new things or starting new hobbies is exciting and fun but you need mental endurance to stick with learning. And so far I have never been great at exactly that. […]

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