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The Equestria Royal Guard is an English speaking international online community with the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic franchise as a common interest.

First and foremost we are gamers, but among our members, you will find artists, musicians, writers, and roleplayers. Our community occasionally plays a wide array of games together, and we are always open to new suggestions.

We are a diverse group, with members active all over the world; ranging from US/Canada to England, Germany, Australia, Russia and Sweden. We all do our best to welcome new members and be inclusive.

But even we have rules to follow:

D I S C L A I M E R :

At this time, we are accepting new members over the age of eighteen (18) or sixteen (16) if they are mature enough to communicate in complete sentences.
The EQRG on special occasions and conditions accepts new members under our age requirement.
It does not happen often, but if a new applicant is well-spoken enough, he can get such a chance.
Minors are forewarned that while every effort is made to limit your exposure to adult material, links to such material could appear in chat from time to time within the designated 18+ channels.
By filling out this application, you recognize the fact that should you enter such areas, you do so at your own risk. These rooms are not meant for minors and, therefore, you hold the Equestria Royal Guard harmless in any material you may come across within them. Parents are urged to evaluate this website before allowing their children access, and as always, monitor your child's safe internet use.

How this works:

1: Fill out the questions below.
Take them seriously! Honesty is by far preferred.
2: Submit the application.
Once you submit this application, an moderator reviews your application.
3: Application review process.
In case your application is not satisfactory, the mods might ask you some follow up questions. As soon as these are answered the application process continues.
If your application is well recieved by the mods, you will be accepted among our ranks without further delay.
4: Introduce yourself.
Join us in our Discord Server and say hello or Post an Introduction Thread after you have been accepted so that others can get to know you better.

Related to GDPR

You can read our Privacy-Policy in detail there:

General Rules

1. Love & Tolerate.
We are (mostly) bronies, so act like it. Don't attack others' religious beliefs, moral choices, sexuality, political preferences or physical attributes. Also do not force your personal beliefs and preferences upon others.
2. Represent the Guard.
Every member among us represents us as a whole. Do not engage in any conduct unbecoming of our community, especially in public. If you need to vent about something, find somebody within the Guard to talk to about it. Public forums are not the place to make yourself, and by extension all of us, look bad.
3. Respect the Guard.
The Community Officers have the final say in all matters, in game and out. Each of them have earned their place among the leadership of the Guard, please follow their directions, if given.
4. Not All That Glitters is Gold.
Understand that not everyone is interested in mature content, even if you are in a designated 18+ area. Provide warnings with all links if they point to vulgar, gory or sexual content. Such content is never acceptable as a website signature, TeamSpeak avatar, Discord avatar or in a forum post without spoiler tags surrounding it.

Related to TeamSpeak & Discord:

1. Push to Talk.
This is a requirement. Under very controlled circumstances or with special permission you may be able to get away with voice activation, but it must be flawlessly set up with a good headset (not speakers). Live mics and feedback loops are not appreciated.
2. Mind Your Manners.
Do you hear somebody else talking? If yes, do not interrupt them! We'd love to hear what you have to say, but unless it is an emergency, you can wait a moment or two to speak.
3. Clear Coms.
If you are playing a game and need to discuss options or tactics, do so in the gaming section of the server. If you are playing one of our branch games, a room for you already exists below, so please use it. If not, create a subchannel under Game Rooms. The General Chats are for conversation, not tactics.
4. Virgin Eyes.
Your avatar must remain clean and follow all other rules of the Guard, even if you are in an 18+ channel. Anybody can view your avatar from any room, and so there is no filter for minors or guests. Suggestive images walk a fine line but are allowed, explicit ones are not. As a general rule, if you would not see your image on a movie poster, do not use it here. Even R-rated movies omit profanity from their advertisements, you should too.

If a member of the leadership team deems your actions or avatar have violated these rules, they have. Do not argue with the them. Disputes can be taken to Kaputnik or Stormy for final arbitration.

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